FAQ about anaesthetic cream, magic cream, nopain cream & pain relieving cream

FAQ about anaesthetic cream, magic cream, nopain cream & pain relieving cream

Here we have gathered FAQ about the use and effects of anaesthetic creams on the market. The FAQ answers most of the questions asked on the internet about the use, effects and efficacy of anaesthetic creams.

But before we answer the many questions about anaesthetic creams, it is important to clarify the different names anaesthetic creams are known by, which cover the same need.

The purpose of anaesthetic creams is to create a local anaesthetic effect on the skin, on a given skin area for a limited period of time. The names of the products are:

  • Local anaesthetic creams
  • stunning cream
  • Nopain cream
  • Pain-relieving creams
  • Magic cream
  • Painfree cream
  • Numbering cream ( English)
  • Local anaesthetic

The above names cover the same need, namely to achieve a painless treatment, which can be painless tattooing, painless laser treatment or a painless dental visit.

Pain-relieving creams can be misleading, as they can be associated with a pain that has been inflicted, followed by the use of a pain-relieving cream. The opposite is the case with anaesthetic cream, as the cream is used before a treatment, or before the pain is applied.

We have chosen to include pain relief creams as this result comes up as related search on Google. And because we want to inform as many people as possible, the name of painkilling creams is included in our FAQ.

The creams are used for local anaesthesia of the skin or a skin area to be treated, where you want to reduce pain through pain relief or local anaesthesia of the skin, during treatment.

You can use anaesthetic cream for:

  • Stunning cream for hair removal
  • Anesthetic cream for laser
  • Stunning cream for tattoos
  • Vaccination
  • Epilation (Permanent Hair Removal)
  • Removal of tattoo
  • Permanent makeup
  • Piercing
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Stunning cream for teeth
  • Stunning cream for mouth

As you can read, anaesthetic creams can be used for a wide variety of treatments and purposes.

All in all, the aim is to have a painless treatment, through a local anaesthetic effect, which provides pain relief of the skin.

This is also one of the reasons why the popularity of the magic cream has grown steadily over the last several years.

Remember that Painfree is for external use only.

Ja, you can. Buying anaesthetic cream online is the equivalent of buying it over the counter without the physical contact. Stunning cream is legal in Denmark, so you can buy, use and sell the products without any problems.

Before applying the anaesthetic cream to a skin area, it is important that you first clean the skin area by removing the dead skin cells so that the skin is fresh and clean. Most tattooists and cosmetic therapists recommend cleansing the skin with a green soap, if you don’t have this, you can use a soap that is fragrance-free and paraben-free.

After clearing the skin of old skin cells, make sure the area is dry before applying the local anaesthetic cream.

Apply the cream to the desired area and wrap the area in film. It is very important that the cream does not dry after application.

Most people have film for their food in their kitchen and this is an excellent product to protect the cream so it doesn’t dry out. But keeps the moisture so that the local anaesthetic effect can occur.

First take off the film while you are at the therapists, some therapists prefer to rinse the area where the cream has been and worked.

Rinsing the area free of the cream before getting a tattoo, for example, does not mean that the effect of the cream disappears.

Talk to your practitioner about whether they want you to rinse the area before they treat.

The effect of painfree cream or pain relieving cream depends on where on the body you use the cream.

And it may seem strange that there should be a difference in how long the cream takes to work.

If you’ve had treatment yourself, you may recognise that some parts of your body hurt more than others – and that’s because your body has different levels of pain.

The pain differences on the body are particularly known in tattoos, where the pain should be significantly greater in areas where the skin is thin, such as the forearms, under the foot and at the ribs.

The same principle applies to painkillers and creams. You can use the Painfree time table to find out how long you should expect the cream to take before the effect of the anaesthetic begins. The Painfree cream schedule is divided into individual body areas.

The amount of pain-relieving cream to use depends on the size of the area to be treated or tattooed.

If you want to have laser or tattoo on a small area, it will usually be enough to use a jar of Painfree, if it is a larger area or several small areas, it requires, of course, use more than one jar.

However, it is important not to skimp on the local anaesthetic cream to be applied, a thick layer of cream on the skin area, to achieve the most effective effect.

The amount of nopain cream to be used also depends on:

The number of times you have to go for treatment. Laser treatments, such as tattoo removal and hair removal, can be carried out over several treatments over a longer period of time. In these cases, make sure you don’t run out of pain-relieving cream.

For cosmetic procedures or tattoos where pain is feared, a local anaesthetic cream may be the solution.

Renewal, change, wanting a younger old age and being ‘the best version of ourselves’ is here to stay.

Some express their statement through and with tattoos, others use cosmetic treatments such as fillers, ultrasound and permanent makeup or hair removal, where others find the combination of tattoos and cosmetic treatments as the best solution.

We have today infinite number of options to design your own look from head to toe, and with this development has come a great demand for the possibility of pain-relieving tattooing and painless cosmetic treatments.

With Painfree anaesthetic creams it gives the possibility to achieve painless treatments, gently but effectively.

There are many different local anaesthetic creams on the market, which can cause some uncertainty about the quality, efficacy and guidance for use of the cream.

At Painfree we have Danish customer service available. We deliver of course, a thorough guide when buying Painfree.

Therefore, always follow the instructions as they are written in the manual. Painfree cream is for external use only and it is important to follow this,

As with many products containing active ingredients, it is recommended to perform a small test of the cream to ensure that you can tolerate the local anaesthetic cream you have purchased.

You can test a small area on your finger or the back of your hand. Even though it is a test you are doing, you should wrap the small area in film to prevent the cream from drying out. This method gives the best result of the effect and whether you can tolerate the cream.

Whether you want cosmetic treatments, tattoos or something else is ultimately up to you. For anyone can do what anyone wants.

As with many other things in life, it’s a good idea to do your research thoroughly beforehand, whether we’re talking about local anaesthetic creams, tattooists or clinics, to ensure that the necessary standards and quality are in place.

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